Enter “Authenticity Codes” found on the label to verify the authenticity of your product.

  1. If authentication codes are checked more than once then the product is fake.
  2.  Nano Medical Technology is the only legit site. Fake websites and social media include the following:

FAKE Website:


FAKE Facebook:

  • Nanomedical  Steroid Malaysia
  • Nanotechnology international
  • Muscle Juice Malaysia
  • Nano med HUMAN Technology
  • NMT Steroid Bangladesh
  • NO pain NO gain
  • Nanotechnology Philippines – Distributor

FAKE Instagram

  • ma.NMT1059
  • steroid_king_
  • NANO_bn
  • Nanomedtech_bodyengineers
  • Nano_steroids.china

How to identify counterfeit product

  1. The cap on vials must have embedded Nano logo on them
  2. Scanning QR Code on the label must link to ONLY!
  3. All Nano products have barcodes. To verify must use both codes
  4. The authentication codes cannot be checked more than once. If check more than once will automatically show fake.
  5. Authenticity codes improved with security nontransfer VOID technology to avoid scammers.

© Copyright 2015 Nano Medical Technology. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2015 Nano Medical Technology. All Rights Reserved.